Monday, October 29, 2012

nice day out of the office

this past thursday our school went on a field trip 
i was not originally planning to attend; however,
my husband decided at the last minute to take off
from work and tag along. he wanted me to follow suit, so i did.
normally i would not be able to do such a thing, but the
doctor i work for is out of the country, so i
had the flexibility to be spontaneous for the day.

it ended up being a beautiful day at the farm.
the kids got to experience everything they had there 
and chad and i were there to document all the great memories.

 cari was excited!

 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade 

 they had a fun hay slide that they went down many times.
chad and i even tried it.

this was the view of the corn maze from the slide.

 they also had a huge trampoline to jump on.

 this was the coolest thing ever. chad and i also tried this out! super fun!

our group also got to go on a hay ride that toured the farm.
this is cami and her teacher, mrs. vance.

they got to see baby cows on their trip.

 here is chad milking a fake cow. he was only able to squirt out water!

 during our lunch, we made friends with katydid. 

 we could see it breathing.

 once we finally entered the corn maze, we found all kinds of things.


 this looked like corn cancer.

 the plants are very interesting.

 can you see the 2nd grade class?

 we answered questions along the way to find out which way to turn.

 they all wanted to ride together on the barrel train after the maze.

they also got to shoot corn out of a special cannon.

if you hit the target then you get a free drink.

here they are pretending to be in a video game.

 the sand is really lava...

 they were allowed to climb on everything, and so they did.

 we also wondered in the butterfly garden.

 these flowers always remind me of alice in wonderland. 

 they had a neat spider web to crawl on as well.

 that would be a ring pop in her mouth. i got tired of holding it!

we had a great time. cami's teacher told chad and i that 
we were a lot of fun and had to attend every field trip 
from now on. i doubt that will happen, but i am glad
that we were able to make this one!

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